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scissors, ruler, pen, needle, pins, and sewing machine (optional)

Stuff used:
Pair of crew socks
thread to match socks
polyester fiberfill stuffing
coordinating embroidery thread for month and nose
2 1/4" half round buttons


The ears, head, body and legs:
  1. Turn the sock inside out.

  2. Lay the sock so the heel is facing toward you. The toes are the top of the sock, and the opening is the bottom of the sock (see picture).

  3. Use a ruler to find the center of the sock and, with a pen, mark the center line of the sock from the tow to 2" above the heel.

  4. Measure from the heel to the opening then divide in half, and make a half way mark. Mark another center line from the half way mark to the bottom opening.

  5. On one side of the center line above the heel, sew a seam 1/4" away from the line, around the top of the line, and 1/4" away from the line on the other side to form the ears (see picture).

  6. On one side of the center line below the heel, measure 1" down from the top end. Sew a seam 1/4" away from the center line and 1/4" along the bottom opening to form one leg. Repeat on other side of center line to form other leg.

  7. Cut along both center lines. This should leave a hole in the "crotch" of the bunny for turning.

  8. Turn sock right side out.
  1. With a needle, sew a seam through the bottom of the ear where it meets the head. Pull seam tight to gather and tie off. Repeat on other ear.

  2. Through the "crotch" hole stuff head and body firmly with stuffing. Stuff feet firmly with stuffing, and stuff legs lightly with stuffing.

  3. Whip stitch "crotch" close with thread.

  4. To form head, measure width of body and use that same measurement down from the top of the bunnies head. Mark this neck line with a pin.

  5. To form neck, with a needle, sew a straight stitch around the neck line with embroidery thread, and pull tight. To finish off neck line, tie off with decorative ribbon.

The face:
  1. To make eyes use needle and thread to sew on button eyes. Tie off end of thread and poke through first eye hole (see picture for placement) and out through second eye hole. Put button on thread, then poke back in the second hole and back out first hole and pull snug to form eye socket. Put another button on thread and poke needle again in first eye hole and back out second eye hole. Continue to sew buttons on in this manner until they are securely attached.

  2. To make mouth use embroidery thread and needle. Tie off end of thread and trim thread close to knot. Poke needle in through first eye hole, behind the button, then out through left mouth hole. Poke needle in to middle mouth hole, then out through right mouth hole and back in through middle mouth hole. Poke needle out through second eye hole and pull snug to form "snout" then tie off and trim close to knot. All knots should be hidden behind the "eye" buttons.
  3. To make nose use embroidery thread and a satin stitch to make an upside down triangle.
The arms and clothes:
  1. Turn the sock inside out.

  2. For the arms, cut off the rounded toe area, and cut 2 rectangular pieces from the area remaining before the heel (see picture).

  3. With right sides together, fold the rectangles the long way, and sew a 1/4" seam across the bottoms and along the sides, leaving the top open for turning.

  4. Turn right side out.

  5. Fill bottom firmly with stuffing to form hands, and fill arm lightly with stuffing.

  6. Turn under 1/4" at opening. Turn body to side, and center arms just under neck. Whip stitch arms to body.

  7. Optionally, the remaining parts of the sock can be used to make a sweater and hat. To make sweater, cut holes about 3/4" down from top for the arms of the bunny to poke through. Roll down neckline (not shown on pictured bunny). To make hat, run a straight stitch around one open end and gather to a point. Whip stitch on a 1/2" pom pom to the point and roll brim.

copyright © 2001 B. Young All rights reserved.