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The Kadomatsu is a Japanese new years decoration. It is traditionally displayed at the entrance of a home, on either side of the doorway. The decoration is created by lashing together 3 lengths of bamboo with pine boughs. Sometimes plum blossoms are also added.

The three bamboo pieces are usually of different lengths and cut at an angle at the top. They represent resilience, as bamboo usually stand upright, but can bend with the wind and not break.

The pine boughs are usually arranged around the bamboo and represent strength, longevity, and youthful optimism.

The plum blossoms represents overcoming adversity, as the plum can endure the cold winters and still bring beautiful blossoms.

It is a folk belief, that the Kadomatsu wards off evil and brings good luck, resiliance, strength, longevity, and youthful optimism into the household for the coming New Year.