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Fresh Strawberry Pie

Pie Crust Ingredients:
2 cups flour
1 cup butter
4 tablespoons powdered sugar, sifted

Pie Filling Ingredients:
3 baskets of strawberries
2 cups sugar
¼ cup cornstarch
3 ½ cups water
Dash of salt
2 packages (3 oz) strawberry jello
1 envelope unflavored gelatin disolved in 1 ½ tablespoons of water
2 teaspoons vanilla

Combine pie crust ingredients. Press evenly into 9" x 13" pan. Bake in 350° oven for 15 minutes. Cool.

Slice strawberries and place evenly on top of cooled crust.

Combine sugar, cornstarch, water, and salt and bring to boil. Mixture should thicken. Just before
removing mixture from heat add jello, gelatin, and vanilla. Cool thoroughly then pour mixture on top of
strawberries and crust. Top with whipped cream if desired.

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