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Artists of eBay's Art & Artist Disscussion Boards present
The Spring Fling Project

crickets_stuff, denicee, girardgallery, golfdonniemax, meanstreet_rods (fka dawn_quixote), paintingdanno3, passion*4art, sandicor

1    paintingdanno3





6    passion4art

7    passion4art

8    denicee

9    denicee

10    golfdonniemax

11    cricketstuff

Click on each picture to see the larger images!

Welcome to our little art show! We hope you enjoy these pieces. Thanks for stopping by!

Our BOARD PROJECTS all started with the ORANGE MONKEY PROJECT put together by submit2000, tumblingmonkeys, and biankajeg. A big thanks goes out to these three for inspiring us to create and share these wonderful images!

Previous PROJECTS!

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