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IDEAL's Saucy Walker

I purchased my TLC Saucy Walker from eBay. She arrived with a hair cut, cracked side, and wonky eyes. I placed a wig on her for these pictures. Even with her problems, she is a quite charming. Saucy Walker came in 2 sizes: 17 inches and 22 inches. My Saucy measures 22 inches tall and is distinguished from most look-a-likes by flirty eyes.

These flirty eyes both, open and close, and move side to side. While her flirty eyes are one of her charming features, it is also easily damaged. Because of this, buying a Saucy Walker through the mail is risky. A wonky-eyed Saucy can be very scary looking. Other distinguishing features of a Saucy Walker include her grill pattern and markings of IDEAL DOLL on the neck and back.

Some of the more common look-a-likes were Susan Stoller by EEGEE, Tina Toddler by IMPCO (Imperial Doll Company), and a walker doll by HORSEMAN. These look-a-likes are lacking flirty eyes and the IDEAL grill pattern.