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My Daughter and I have slowly started aquiring a small doll collection. Here is a list of what we collected so far...

  • Mattel's Cuddly Soft Kelly
  • My Twinn Little Brother Ryan (Bobbie)
  • Mattel's Cuddly Soft Jenny
  • Mattel's Holiday Cuddly Soft Kelly (Jessie)
  • American Girl's Bitty Baby (Shelby Love)
  • Galoob's Baby Face #2 So Surprised Suzie
  • Mattel's Cuddly Soft Kelly (Kelly Ann)
  • NIGC Doll (Krista)

    Galoob Baby Face Dolls
    Our small but growing doll collection all started with a Cuddly Soft Kelly, which I gave to my daughter.

    Mattel's Cuddly Soft Jenny was the very first doll in my collection. I purchased her soon after I gave my daughter the Cuddly Soft Kelly doll. I then found a Holiday Kelly on eBay and added her to my collection. I named this doll Jessie.