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Hands and Foot Reindeer Christmas Ornament

My two resident crafters ( 1 1/2 and 3 years) made these for the Christmas of 2000. I still have the paper patterns, so I can make more of them for the grandparents and great grandparents! I found a version of this craft project at family crafts @ .

paper, scissors, glue

Stuff used:
brown craft foam
tan craft foam
2 googly eyes
1/2" pom pom (white, black, or red)
10" piece of twine


Making a pattern:

(note: I found that the hardest part of this craft was getting the little crafters to hold their hands and feet still long enough to get a good tracing. We went through quite a few pieces of paper before I had usable patterns. My three year old crafter wiggled his fingers every time I tried to trace his hand, and I finally was able to trace a nice pattern when I asked him to close his eyes and sing the alphabet. I don't know why it worked, but maybe he can't sing and wiggle his fingers at the same time yet. You may have to use similar distractions.)

Trace two hands and a foot of the little crafter onto paper. Cut out the shapes to use as a pattern on the craft foam.

Creating the reindeer:

Place the two hand patterns on tan craft foam and trace. Cut out hands.

Place foot pattern on brown craft foam and trace. Cut out foot.

If your crafter is able, let him glue the hands to the back side of the foot, one on each side for antlers. Also let him glue on the googly eyes and pom-pom nose. If your crafter is too young for this task, help him complete his craft by doing all the gluing. (see picture for approximate positioning).

Fold twine and glue loose ends to back of reindeer, between the hand "antlers" to create a loop for hanging.

Write the date created, name, and age of the little crafter on the back of the ornament with a black Sharpie or other permanent marker pen. If you recreate more of these little works of art from the pattern, use the original date when labeling.

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